Investigating Cisco AVVID Features

"VoIP Systems," March 2002, InstantDoc ID 23401, includes information about Cisco Systems' Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data (AVVID) Voice over IP (VoIP) solution. I'm interested in a few specific features: access codes for long-distance dialing, paging through a handset's speakerphone, 128KB local LAN calling, and forwarding calls to personal numbers or storing voicemail messages on the server when no one answers. Are these features available on the Cisco AVVID platform?

You can find several add-ons—such as Berbee's Cisco IP Phone XML Services and Circle24 Technologies' C24 Account Code Server (C24ACS) for Cisco Call Manager—that provide long-distance access codes. Cisco CallManager 3.2 software lets you page through the speakerphone on individual handsets (when someone is using that phone, for example), third-party XML tools can enable paging through a handset's speakerphone, and you can integrate third-party intercom systems into Cisco AVVID. The platform doesn't yet provide 128KB local LAN calling (although this ability is in the works). And although you can forward calls on the platform, a remote voicemail device will respond if no one answers.

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