Invading the Airwaves: Panasonic Releases Mobile CD Receiver with HD Radio

After nearly ten years of development, iBiquity Digital's HD Radio technology is ready for use. The technology lets radio broadcasters send digital broadcasts using existing AM/FM bands. The result of the digital broadcasts, which make more efficient use of traditional bandwidths that AM/FM broadcasts use and eliminate multi-path noise and interference, is FM radio minus the static and popping noises you're used to. The digital output means anyone who has a radio with iBiquity Digital's HD Radio technology can hear FM radio that has CD-quality audio.

Panasonic released the CQ-CB9900U integrated HD Radio/CD receiver, the company's first mobile CD receiver that lets users take advantage of the new technology. In addition to enhanced audio quality, the HD Radio receiver lets you view artist name and song title as well as stock and news information, local traffic conditions, and weather, on radio's LCD display.

The CQ-CB9900U integrated HD Radio/CD receiver also looks likes a typical receiver and has the bells and whistles that other CD receivers include, such as MP3 playback with CD text, Windows Media Audio (WMA) playback, CD-R/CD-RW playback, a subwoofer out, auxiliary input, and a remote control. Suggested retail for the Panasonic CQ-CB9900U integrated HD Radio/CD receiver is $999.95.

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