Internet Explorer 5 is leaking large amounts of memory, how can I reclaim it?

A. When you use the default download behaviour to download and parse Extensible Markup Language (XML) data (for example by using Digital Dashboard), the memory used by Internet Explorer may grow quickly. This memory is reclaimed by clicking the Refresh button. However, if you leave Digital Dashboard running for many hours or days, the computer may slow down because of a memory shortage as IE is not correctly performing "Garbage collection".

To avoid having to manually click refresh every x minutes you can write a script which does this automatically for you in VBScript (or you could use another script language). If you added the following to your web page:

&lt;script language="vbscript"&gt;<br>
sub Refresh()<br>
top.History.go 0<br>
end sub<br>

And then have a call to call it every x seconds:


The SetInterval sets a timer for the Refresh() calls and the 10000 is the number of milliseconds between each call.

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