Internet Connection Callback Feature

The Internet Connection Callback feature is useful because it prevents you from incurring telephone charges when you connect to the Internet. When you use the feature, your modem dials your ISP, then hangs up. Your ISP's modem calls back your modem to make an Internet connection. You can use the Internet Connection Callback feature only if your ISP supports the feature. To enable the feature on Windows XP Professional Edition or XP Home Edition, start the Control Panel Network and Internet Connections applet. Select Network Connections, then click your Dial-up Internet connection to select it. In the Network Connections dialog menu, select Advanced, Dial-Up Preferences. Click the Callback tab, select the Always call me back at the number(s) below option, and select the modem or device on which you want to be called back. Click Edit and enter the telephone number for callback.

A problem can occur if you use Microsoft Outlook Express. If you connect to the Internet directly from Outlook Express, the callback feature doesn't work. To avoid this problem, select Connect to from the Start menu to connect to the Internet. After callback occurs and your computer connects to the Internet, you can open Outlook Express.

When you enable the Internet Connection Callback feature, you might notice that your password appears as encrypted text in the Dial-up Connection window's Password section. The encrypted password appears to be longer than the password you entered when you created your dial-up connection. However, the password will translate correctly when you connect to the Internet.

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