Installation Checklist

  1. Inform all your users of the downtime you'll need. If your server runs other Internet services, such as Microsoft's IIS, notify your users that the services will be unavailable while you install IAS.
  2. Make sure the only applications running on the server are those that are absolutely necessary. The Setup program overwrites particular files on the server, so if other programs are using them, Setup will not continue properly. Stop any Microsoft Internet services that you have running, or you can let the IAS Setup program stop them for you.
  3. Before starting installation, be sure to log in as Administrator or as a user who is a member of the Administrator group. You will need administrative privileges to complete the installation correctly.
  4. Gather all the IP address ranges your network uses. You'll need them during installation.
  5. Determine what client operating systems the workstations on your network run so you can install the appropriate client packages during setup.
  6. Be sure that the disk drive on which you install the software has about 3.5MB of free space available.
  7. Be sure you already have a second network card installed in the server and that the card is pre-configured with a non-routable IP address, such as If you're connecting to the Internet with a regular modem or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connected to a COM port, you'll need only one network card, because NT sees modems as Ethernet devices.
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