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Install Docker without an Internet connection

Q. How do I install Docker on a machine with no Internet connection?

A. Normally to install containers it is installed directly from PSGallery but it requires Internet connectivity but what is you don't have Internet connectivity? The solution is to download the files on a machine that does have Internet connectivity, copy the files to the desired target and install.

Install-PackageProvider -Name DockerMsftProvider
Import-PackageProvider -Name DockerMsftProvider -Force

#List all Docker Packages available to see what versions are available
Find-Package -Provider DockerMsftProvider -AllVersions

#Save latest Docker Package to c:\docker
Save-Package -Name Docker -Path c:\docker 
ls c:\docker\*.zip

Now copy the zip file to the target system and extract docker.exe and dockerd.exe to the c:\windows\system32 folder.

Now register and start dockerd.exe.

dockerd --register-service
Start-Service Docker

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