Insert a section break

To insert a section break:

  1. Make sure you are at the beginning of a line before inserting a section break. Press ENTER if necessary.
    If you insert a section break before pressing ENTER, the "paragraphs" before and after the section break are still, technically, one paragraph, and changes to the formatting of one will affect the other. If you have problems like this, make sure you have inserted the break at the beginning of a line or on a blank line.
  2. Choose Insert → Break.

    Break dialog box

  3. Choose from the Section break types options based on whether you want to continue text on the next page, next odd or even page, or on the same page.
    Odd page section breaks are common with double-sided documents, so that a new section begins on an odd-numbered page, which is typically on the right-hand page, on the front of the page. Even page section breaks are less common. Continuous section breaks are used primarily when using newspaper style columns.
  4. Click OK.

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