Important Factors to Know

As with any software, having a few helpful tips on how to use OPEN/stor can mean the difference between success and failure. Although OPEN/stor is an easy application to use, you'll want to be aware of a few things before you set up your HSM management system:

  1. If you don't change bit attribute settings, OPEN/stor will not migrate a file that you have not backed up.
  2. OPEN/stor maintains mirrored databases. Keep these databases on different hard disks.
  3. In addition to using placeholders, OPEN/stor creates a redundant set of placeholders in a hidden file (avstor.scf) at the root of each managed volume. OPEN/stor can use this file in lieu of the placeholders.
  4. Eastman Software highly recommends using an HSM tape system with OPEN/stor to back up internal files and the database. OPEN/stor works well with conventional backup applications.
  5. OPEN/stor works only with NTFS; hence, it's an exclusively NT application.
  6. OPEN/stor functions on a managed server or managed volume level. In other words, you can treat all managed systems in the same way or treat managed disks in unique ways (by setting individual critical, acceptable, and optimal levels).
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