I'm getting an error message - "Cannot Load DLL 'SDI' Reason 126 ( The specified Module Cannot be found)" when doing a stored-procedure debug on SQL Server. Or breakpoints just don't fire.

A. With SQL 6.5/VC5/VB5 copy the sdi.dll file from your VB/VC/VS enterprise CD into the <sql>\binn directory.

For SQL 7.0 get the files from the SQL Server 7.0 CD \x86\other\sdi.

VB 6.0 copy SDI60.DLL into the <sql>\BINN directory
VC 6.0 copy SDI.DLL into the <sql>\BINN directory
VI 6.0 copy MSSDI98.DLL into the <sql>\BINN directory

(You can't debug SQL 7 with VB5/VC5)

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