ICYMI: Microsoft's Making Its Money on The Future (April 22, 2016) Getty Images

ICYMI: Microsoft's Making Its Money on The Future (April 22, 2016)

Happy Friday, everyone.


The biggest story from yesterday:  Microsoft reported $22.1 billion in sales, but that translated to a dip in year-over-year earnings thanks to income tax expenses and some other bookkeeping measures.

Pay attention to which of Microsoft's businesses are making more money and which are making less. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Office 365 subscription revenue rose 63%, helping drive $6.5 billion in sales in the overall Productivity and Business Processes Unit
  • Azure revenue rose 120% and server products and cloud services revenue rose 5%. Both are part of the Intelligent Cloud division, which saw a 3% rise in overall sales to $6.1 billion.
  • Search revenue rose 55% to $1.5 billion, thanks to ads.
  • Surface revenue shot up 56% to $1.1 billion. (Thanks, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Notebook!)
  • But Windows OEM sales dropped 2%. 
  • Phone revenue dropped 47% to $746 million and the number of units sold plunged 73% to 2.3 million phones sold.

Surface, Windows OEM and phone sales are all part of the More Personal Computing unit. Shaky Windows OEM and phone sales aside, the unit did log $9.5 billion in sales, the largest amount of sales logged for a specific unit, even if the sales growth was tiny (1%).

The areas of revenue growth are basically a direct reflection of Microsoft repositioning itself; it'll be interesting to see if the trends continue. 


The most useful news:

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