ICYMI: March 04, 2016 Apple via Twitter

ICYMI: March 04, 2016

Good Morning and welcome to the Friday edition of ICYMI! 


The biggest story of yesterday and why you should care today: 

Can you believe it - encryption continues to get a lot of attention and this time for all the wrong reasons.

Today it is courtesy of Amazon who, in the midst of a massive court case between the FBI and Apple about breaking encryption on one of their iPhones, decided to quietly remove our ability to encrypt the data on any Fire tablets we have in our possession.

The Daily Dot reports that this change is new in version 5 of the Fire OS on its tablets which came out last fall.

So what did Amazon have to say?

“In the fall when we released Fire OS 5, we removed some enterprise features that we found customers weren’t using,” Handaly wrote in an email. “All Fire tablets’ communication with Amazon’s cloud meet our high standards for privacy and security including appropriate use of encryption.”

Well thank you for at least keeping our communications secure but why would you remove a feature intended to protect your customers data?

As they say on Twitter - SMH.

Also developing:

Apple Support has joined the Twitter Customer Service Revolution.

I am not sure if this launched because of the recent tools Twitter released to make customer service easier to implement on the social media service but you can now get the same Tips and tutorials from the same Apple Advisors you know and trust socially.

All you have to do is tweet at @AppleSupport.


In other tech related news: ‚Äč

Emojis are everywhere and news about them is followed quite passionately. Now that enthusiasm for emojis can spread to developers and their coding with Emojicode.

According to the Emojicode website it is an open source, high-level, multi-paradigm, object orientated programming language consisting of emojis and allows you to build fast cross-platform applications while having a lot of fun.

OK then...


In entertainment tech news:

No April Fools here - on 01 April you will be able to purchase the digital edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and then four days later the Blu-Ray combo pack or the DVD in all of their deleted scenes glory!

Among the bonus features will be a full length documentary called Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey that will chronicle the story behind the film along with features about the special effects, music and of course deleted scenes.

Check out the new home release commercial to get a sneak peek at one of those before they come home.


What we published yesterday: 

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