ICYMI: April 7, 2016 Getty Images

ICYMI: April 7, 2016

Hello! Read on to find out about the latest Windows 10 update, which mobile platform is thriving worldwide, and how Cortana can help you name that tune.


The biggest story of yesterday:  The first post-build update to Windows 10 dropped to Fast Ring insiders. The big deals in Build 14316? 

You can natively run Bash in Windows. Turn on Developer Mode in the Settings, choose “Turn Windows features on or off,” and enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta). Then open Command Prompt and type in “bash.”

Cortana's got new cross-device features for the Android and Windows mobile platforms. Among the features: low power notification, so if your mobile device is running out of juice, an alert can pop up on your desktop letting you know to plug in your mobile device; and looking up directions on your PC, then having them synced to your mobile device.

Two new extensions in Edge, one of which lets people clip things to their OneNote account.

And some updated emoji:

We've updated our Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Tracker to reflect the new release.


Also worth paying attention to: While some folks are clucking over the projected 2017 debut date for the next iteration in Windows Mobile phones, another mobile platform shift is worth watching -- iOs and Windows marketshare is dropping on mobile platforms all over the world. Research firm Kantar noted that in five major markets they studied (the U.S., China, Australia, the EU and Japan), only Android logged consistent gains in every market. iOS share slipped in the U.S., Europe and China, while Windows Mobile lost ground in the U.S., Australia and Europe, and maintained a flat market share of 0.9% in China.


The most useful news:

Having difficulties with Microsoft Edge? Use the Tracker to stay abreast of what's an issue and what's been resolved.

Cortana can name that tune -- here's how she works like Shazam.

MakeUseOf rounds up essential bookmarklets (browser plug-ins) for Edge, including OneNote, social media sharing tools and accessibility tools.

Set up a wallpaper slideshow in Windows 10.

Microsoft's not the only one marrying bots to commerce -- Lydia users can now pay their pals in Slack thanks to a new bot.


And here's what we've been publishing:

Inking in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update — I got a peek at the new Pen Settings page in the Windows 10 Settings app.  This page will eventually replace the Surface App that is currently used to configure Surface Pen for Windows 10.

Use Microsoft Band to Analyze and Record Engagement and Emotions — Available now only on for Android users, a new app called Emotionalyze uses the breadth of the Microsoft Band 2’s sensors and records your emotions to YouTube videos.

New Microsoft Band Community Facebook Group for Filling Up Your Activity Card — We’ve created a special Microsoft Band Community Facebook page. By “Liking” this page you can locate and connect with other Band owners. Who knows? You might actually become friends through participating in the group.

Walkthrough: Microsoft Band’s Leaderboard and Activity Challenges — I’ve spent some time with the new social pieces to hopefully give you some insight into a feature that’s already pretty solid but needs some work.

The HP Spectre 13.3: You Can't Be Too Rich Or Too Thin — The Spectre 13.3, is 1.4 centimeters thick -- or 10.4 millimeters, if that sounds skinnier to you -- and now the slimmest notebook computer on the market. In keeping with the "you can never be too rich or too thin" ethos, it's available in 18-karat gold and Swarovski crystal configurations for $25,000.


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