I receive the error: WNetEnumCachedPasswords could not be located in MPR.DLL:

A. A. This problem is caused by the file mapi32.dll being replaced by an application installation, usually with the Windows 95 version. To correct the problem reinstall the mapi32.dll file from the NT installation CD-ROM

  1. Insert the NT installation CD-Rom
  2. Backup your current mapi32.dll
    copy %systemroot%\system32\mapi32.dll %systemroot%\system32\mapi32.old
  3. Move to your processor type on the CD-ROM, e.g.
    cd i386
  4. Enter the command
    expand -r mapi32.dl_ %systemroot%\system32

Be aware that if you have applied service packs, mapi32.dll was redelivered in some of the service packs so you should take mapi32.dll from the service pack delivery (expand the service pack and then copy the file over).

TAGS: Security
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