I manually stopped the Exchange Installable File System (ExIFS). Why can't I restart it?

A. ExIFS is a standard Windows 2000 Service. You can stop it with the following command:

C:\&gt; net stop exifs<br><br>
Stopping this service also stops the World Wide Web Publishing Service, Microsoft Exchange POP3, Microsoft Exchange IMAP4, and Microsoft Exchange Information Store (IS). If you then try to restart the ExIFS service manually, you receive the following error message:

System error 2 has occurred.<br>
The system cannot find the file specified.<br><br>

Before restarting ExIFS, use the following command to remove the M drive substitution (or the letter you are using for the ExIFS interface):

C:\&gt; subst m: /d<br><br>
After you issue this command, you can restart ExIFS. Don't forget to restart the other services as well.
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