I have just installed the ISA Server. When I try to use my Web browser from one of my client computers, I get the message "502 Proxy Error," and the client computer can't view any Web pages.

A. First, check that the system isn't filtering the packets. If the system isn't filtering packets, you need to create a protocol rule (You do this by selecting the array, then going to Access Policy, Protocol Rules). To get your clients up and running quickly, you can create a blanket protocol rule:

  1. Right-click Protocol Rules, and select New, Rule.
  2. Enter a name for your rule (e.g., Default).
  3. Select "Allow responses to client requests."
  4. Select "Apply this rule to All IP Traffic."
  5. Select "Use this schedule Always."
  6. Select "Apply this rule to requests from any user, group or client computer."
  7. Click Finish to save your rule.

Note: You should use this blanket rule only as a quick method of giving access to client computers for testing purposes. By following the steps above, you are letting any client access any IP port. After you complete the testing, you should create a more restrictive rule.

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