I get an RPC error trying to install Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000, what can I do?

A. A number of built-in shares exist on each NT/2000 installation, such as C$ which is the root of your C drive, ADMIN$ which is your NT root, e.g. C:\winnt.

Its possible to stop these shares being created as seen in 'Q. How do I stop the default admin shares from being created?'.

If you receive the error "The RPC Service is not available." this is normally be caused by the ADMIN$ share being missing so ensure it exists, this can be checked with the NET SHARE command.

C:\&gt;net share<br><br>
Share name   Resource                        Remark<br><br>
D$           D:\                             Default share<br>
G$           G:\<br><b><font color="#800000">ADMIN$       C:\WINNT                        Remote Admin</font></b><br>
C$           C:\                             Default share<br>
IPC$                                         Remote IPC<br>
The command completed successfully.

If it does not exist then remove the registry key as outlined in the mentioned FAQ or manually recreate

C:\&gt; <b>net share admin$=c:\winnt</b>

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