I get 'Error occurred getting driver list from inf file. Err=0' when starting the SCSI control panel applet.

A. If you start the SCSI control panel applet and select the drivers tab and you received the 'Error occurred getting driver list from inf file file, Err=0' the problem is probably due to the Plug and Play service not running, to fix just start the service.

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  1. Start the services control panel applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services)

  2. Select 'Plug and Play'

  3. Click Start

  4. Also check the 'Startup' button and make sure its startup is set to automatic.

  5. Close the Services control panel applet

You could also start from the command line:

C:\&gt; <b>net start "plug and play"</b>

Thanks to Wyatt Eurich for this tip

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