The HTI+ Certification Explained

What is HTI+ certification?

The Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) certification initiative is a partnership between CompTIA and the Internet Home Alliance. The HTI+ certificate is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that a Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) professional has attained a standard of excellence in the integrated home network industry.  The HTI+ certification is based on a set of standards designed to measure the mastery of core competencies regarding the installation, integration, and troubleshooting of the following sub-systems:  home security, audio/video, computer networks, electrical wiring, HVAC (heating/air conditioning systems), cable/satellite, broadband, telecommunications, and structured wiring. To earn the HTI+ designation, the candidate must pass two unique computer-based exams that assesses and demonstrates prescribed skills and knowledge


The HTI+ certification exams are:

  • HTI+ Residential Systems (Exam 1) HT0-101
  • HTI+ Systems Infrastructure and Integration (Exam 2) HT0-102

Why Certification?

Certification in general, provides credibility, recognition of achievement and quality assurance. Thousands of companies depend on CompTIA standards to provide a reliable predictor of employee success. Additionally, dozens of companies with their own certification programs rely on CompTIA’s certifications to provide an industry standard for foundation-level skills sets. This has saved these companies considerable time and expense.

What is the purpose?

A combination of expanded broadband access services, advanced technology and an improved focus on consumer needs resulted in a growing consumer demand for integrating the various home subsystems to take advantage of and fully enjoy the “Connect Home lifestyle." The advantage to the “Connected Home” is the ability to control a variety of independent devices and subsystems in the home through a centralized management system. The key to widespread consumer acceptance lay in the establishment of successful systems integration. Successful systems integration can be given great assistance with the establishment of industry standards and consistent technical practices.

The HTI+ certification will establish an educated and trusted technical workforce to serve this growing consumer market.  Certified HTI+ professionals have the requisite expertise to be “consultants” to their customers, and establish a higher level of trust and competence with the client. The HTI+ credential signifies the level of professionalism and competency in the integration of connected home subsystems.


Why embrace HTI+ certification?

There is a growing demand for integration technicians that can competently service the “connected home” industry.  The HTI+ certification specifically is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that an installer/integrator has attained a standard of excellence in the Connected Home industry.


The HTI+ certification represents a formal, industry-supported agreement of the necessary baseline competencies for the technician servicing the Connected Home industry. 


·        Certification provides a hiring standard for integration professionals, a bar of measurement for retention requirements and promotion decisions

·        Companies that operate in a global economy can expect uniform training standards

·        Certified employees, in general, optimize performance for their employers

·        Building Trades/Retail/Manufacturing: Certified contractors reduce the risk of warranty issues with new homeowners & services installations

·        Certified employees enjoy increased self-esteem from successfully demonstrating they have skills deemed necessary by the industry (Value Differentiation)


Professionals that hold HTI+ are marketable at a higher value to clients who are paying for high quality service and installation.


How can I embrace this program?


There are many ways companies and individuals can embrace HTI as a standard. For example:


  • Companies can require full time, part time or contract consultants to become HTI+ certified so it then becomes the minimum standard to be met
  • Companies can recommend HTI+ as an option to professional development to technical employees
  • Companies can recognize HTI+ certification for consideration in career advancement
  • Companies that have clients that are directly effected by a HTI+ certified professional can explain the importance of this certification to their clients
  • Companies can participate as a Cornerstone Company, which serves on the advisory board for the certification. Some HTI+ Cornerstone Companies include: Sears, CompUSA, Best Buy, Whirlpool, Honeywell, Marcraft, Heathkit Educational Systems, Bradford Learning, Cisco, Gateway, Home Director, Fluke Networks, and others
  • Individuals can become certified and participate as SME's with test revisions.  Cornerstone companies help provide industry feedback for the program


Where can I find more information about the HTI+ certification program or training materials for the exam?


Please visit CompTIA’s website at:


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