HP 9100C Digital Sender

The future is coming at a furious pace. Many different products are now available that can change the way we work. One such product was my favorite hardware device of the year, the HP 9100C Digital Sender.

Many companies face the challenge of capturing information and transmitting it in a variety of formats. This task includes either scanning and storing documents or trying to fax or email them. You also face imaging issues when you must scan many documents and store them on a network or on other media such as CDs or tapes.

The Digital Sender will make a significant change to this type of communication. This device is smaller than a laser printer, and you can plug it directly into your network. The unit captures information on paper and converts it to a compressed and secure digital file in Portable Document Format (PDF), which creates a small document that is easy to send or store. The device then sends the file to a location such as a fax, JetDirect printer, PC, or an email address. The Digital Sender contains a database of addresses so that users can just drop the documents in the unit, enter the address, and walk away. This unit is handy when you have workgroups of five or more that routinely need to send paper information. Instead of sending the paper documents, you can scan them, and the Digital Sender will automatically send the documents to the address you enter. If you enter an email address, you won't incur faxing or overnight costs. The Digital Sender is an innovative product that is solving real-world problems for us today.

HP 9100C Digital Sender
Contact: HP * 800-752-0900
Web: http://www.digital sender.hp.com
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