How the Surface 3 was Designed and Created

How the Surface 3 was Designed and Created

Announced earlier today, Microsoft is officially releasing its second tablet to its version 3 line. The Surface 3 joins the Surface Pro 3 and comes with enough features to entice consumers to try it. Full specs HERE. The new tablet starts at $499 for a 64GB model and will be available for mass purchases in the U.S. on May 5 (May 7 for 26 additional markets).

There are a few differences, of course, that still make the Surface Pro 3 the better option, but Microsoft has blurred the lines somewhat by offering a lower-cost tablet with a powerful processor, and 4G LTE models releasing through T-Mobile and Verizon later this year. Even as a Surface Pro 3 owner, I'm already intrigued enough to consider snatching up a couple.

Designing a new tablet seems like an impossible task, particularly one as thin, light, and feature packed as the Surface 3. In a new video, Ralf Groene, senior creative director for Surface, describes the process.



Details for the interview is supplied by Edgar Alvarez of Engadget: The making of Surface 3: Microsoft's little tablet grows up

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