How to request your Surface Pro power cord replacement from Microsoft

How to request your Surface Pro power cord replacement from Microsoft

Earlier today I wrote about a report that indicated Microsoft would be issuing a recall for the AC cords on their Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 line of hardware.

It was believed Microsoft would publish details about this recall and the procedures for requesting a replacement cord tomorrow but it turns out those detail are now live.

As I suspected, the AC power cord recall page is at the Surface Support website and it provides clarity on exactly which devices are impacted by this recall.

The recall is for all Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices and only those Surface Pro 3 tablets that were sold before 15 March 2015. The earlier report indicated that dates was July 2015.

Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are not under this recall plus it does not apply to power cords for the Surface docking stations.

Only the AC power cord that goes from the power brick to the wall is covered under this recall as shown in the image below:

Surfaec Pro AC Power Cord

Microsoft will provide one AC power cord replacement for each eligible Surface Pro tablet effected by this recall.

To initiate your request for a replacement cord just head over to the recall page and sign in to start the process. The sign in link is towards the bottom of the page.

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