How to Obtain the Surface Pro 4 Adapter for the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

How to Obtain the Surface Pro 4 Adapter for the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

Surface Pro 3 owners who might be contemplating an upgrade to a Surface Pro 4, may have already invested in the original docking station for the Surface Pro 3. I am one of those. So, it’s good to understand that while Microsoft kept its promise to ensure that the Surface Pro 4 would still work with Surface Pro 3 accessories, the Surface Pro 4 is thinner than its predecessor. This means that while the newer tablet will work with the older docking station, it’s not an exact fit. To use the Surface Pro 4 with the docking station designed for the Surface Pro 3, a special adapter is needed. The adapter, is basically just a spacer (shown in this article’s header image).

However, there are currently only two ways to obtain this adapter. The Surface Pro 4 Adapter for Surface Pro 3 Docking Station is available free from…

  1. Your local Microsoft Store. (you should call ahead, though, to make sure they have them in stock)

  2. The Send my Surface in for Service link provides an ordering option for the adapter.

Additionally, Microsoft is now offering a different docking solution and is the company’s new solution going forward. You can read more about it here: Why Microsoft’s New Surface Dock is a Different Form Factor and Why You Need It

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