How Long Can Microsoft Band Store Data?

How Long Can Microsoft Band Store Data?

Here’s a scenario you may or may not ever experience, but it’s an example that provides some Microsoft Band 2 knowledge worth knowing.

You’re taking a two-week or longer cruise. Being the good health and fitness citizen you are, you want to continue using your Microsoft Band the entire time, but Internet access on a cruise ship is spotty and can most times cost an arm and a leg. How long can your Microsoft Band store your monitored data? How long can you go without synching your fitness data to the Microsoft Health cloud?

I love story problems. Don’t you?

First you have to realize that the Microsoft Band requires an Internet connection to deliver your recorded activities to your Microsoft Health dashboard in the Cloud (through the Microsoft Health mobile app or Desktop Sync app). The Microsoft Health app doesn’t store activities locally on your mobile device until a connection is available. But, what’s the limit of activity storage capacity for the Microsoft Band? How many logged activities can it store until it runs out of space?

Obviously, depending on the number and types of activities you perform, the Band itself can store more or less data. Microsoft suggests that if you record 2 to 3 GPS runs per week, the Band can go at least a month without needing to sync. For fitness nuts like me, who record much more than that, it’s probably a lot less. Unfortunately, the exact number is not known, but Microsoft made sure to allocate enough space for the log file on the Band to ensure it could go through periods where it couldn’t sync to the Microsoft Health Cloud. 

I recently had a discussion with another Band owner who hadn’t synched in close to 3 months. He ran exclusively on a treadmill, which meant the GPS information and maps were not being stored on his Band.

How long have you gone without synching your Microsoft Band to the Microsoft Health Cloud?

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