How do I use NT Backup to erase a tape?

A. When NT Backup starts and you insert a tape, NT Backup scans the device. If the program finds an error, you’ll see one of the following messages.

  • Tape Drive Error Detected.
  • Tape Drive Not Responding.
  • Bad Tape.

You won’t be able to perform any actions on the tape, including erasing it. You can use the /nopoll parameter to force NT Backup to not check a tape when you insert it. Enter

ntbackup /nopoll

You can then use NT Backup to erase a tape.

If you have multiple tape drives, you might want to use the /tape:n parameter to instruct NT Backup to ignore a tape drive.

After you erase the tape, you need to exit NT Backup. Then, restart NT Backup, without using the /nopoll parameter, to use the tape.

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