How do I use the newly re-released PowerToys for Windows XP?

A. After a 2-month absence, Microsoft re-released PowerToys for Windows XP on April 24, 2002. Microsoft didn't add any new tools but did remove a few, such as the ISO Recorder and the Super Fast Users Switcher. PowerToys for Windows XP now consists of

  • Open Command Window Here - Adds a context menu option to start a command window (cmd.exe) from a directory within Windows Explorer
  • Alt-Tab Replacement - Replaces the standard Alt-Tab functionality with a graphical view of each selectable application
  • Tweak UI - Lets you adjust system settings that aren't exposed in the XP interface
  • Power Calculator - Provides an enhanced calculator with graph and evaluate functions
  • Image Resizer - Adds a context menu option to resize individual or multiple images
  • CD Slide Show Generator - Lets you view images on a CD as a slide show
  • Virtual Desktop Manager - Lets you manage up to four virtual desktops from the taskbar
  • Taskbar Magnifier - Magnifies part of the screen from the taskbar
  • HTML Slide Show Wizard - Helps you create an HTML slide show of your pictures
  • Webcam Timershot - Takes pictures from a Webcam at a specified time and saves the images to a designated location

Each PowerToy is now a separate download (ranging in size from 500KB to 800KB) that you can add to your system using an installation wizard. To install each PowerToy, simply execute the downloaded file. You can download the PowerToys from the Microsoft Web site.

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