How do I use Msconfig to modify boot.ini?

A. The Windows XP utility Msconfig is useful for configuring various OS elements:

  • Startup type (e.g., which drivers are loaded, whether system.ini/win.ini are parsed)
  • Which parts of system.ini are used
  • Which parts of win.ini are used
  • Which commands run at start-up
  • Which services start
  • boot.ini options

With the boot.ini option, you can check the current entries, specify additional options, and configure the timeout.

  1. Start Msconfig (Start, Run, msconfig.exe).
  2. Select the BOOT.INI tab.
  3. The dialog box displays the current OSs.

  4. Click here to view image

  5. Click Check All Boot Paths to go through all the entries and ensure that they relate to a true installation.
  6. If you select an actual installation, you can then set the various boot options, such as basevideo and SOS.
  7. Once finished, click OK.
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