How do I use Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode?

A. Internet Explorer (IE) has a full-screen mode that you access by pressing F11; however, the screen still shows boxes to minimize, resize, or close the window. The KIOSK mode, on the other hand, hides all buttons. To start IE in Kiosk mode, from the Run prompt (Start, Run), start IE with the following command:

iexplore -k \[site\]<br><br>
where \[site\] is
  • blank—Uses your default start page
  • a URL (e.g.,—Uses the page the URL specifies
  • a local Web page (e.g., c:\folder\page.htm)—Uses the specified local page
  • a remote Web page (e.g., \\server\share\folder\page.htm)—Uses the remote page

For example, to start IE in Kiosk mode with the Windows 2000 FAQ site as the start page, type the following command:

iexplore -k<br><br>

Within Kiosk mode, you can use the commands in the following table:

Ctrl+A  Select all (editing) 
Ctrl+B  Organize favorites 
Ctrl+C  Copy (editing) 
Ctrl+F  Find (on current page) 
Ctrl+H  View History folder 
Ctrl+L  Open Location dialog box (same as Ctrl+O)  
Ctrl+N  New window (opens in non-Kiosk mode) 
Ctrl+O  Open Location dialog box (same as Ctrl+L) 
Ctrl+P  Print 
Ctrl+R  Refresh 
Ctrl+S  Save 
Ctrl+V  Paste (editing) 
Ctrl+W  Close (same as Alt+F4) 
Ctrl+X  Cut (editing) 
Alt+F4  Close (same as Ctrl+W) 
Alt+Left Arrow  Back 
Alt+Right Arrow  Forward 
Esc  Stop 
F5  Refresh
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