How do I upgrade from Exchange 5.0 to 5.5?

A. A. The Exchange 5.5 upgrade process actually performs a database upgrade before it actually copies any of the code of 5.5 to the server. This allows for a complete rollback in case the upgrade of the database fails. Below are the steps in performing the upgrade

  1. Start the setup.exe program as per a normal installation
  2. It will detect the existing installation and you will be asked if you want to Upgrade or Remove the existing installation. Click Upgrade
  3. A confirmation that the database will be reformatted is displayed. Click OK
  4. You will be shown the Database Upgrade Options. By default the Fault Tolerant Option is selected however this does require extra disk space as it makes a copy of the database and if the Fault Tolerant Option is not selected, you may not have enough drive space for this method. You may want to change the default location for the Fault Tolerant Upgrade temp files from the C:\TEMP location to a location on the database drive. Click OK to continue.
  5. The upgrade will progress. First the database will be upgraded (this may take up to 40 minutes per GB of original database). Next the code will be copied to the server, and finally the registry will be modified, the services installed, and other system changes will take place.
  6. The Exchange Services will then be re-started
  7. As with a normal installation, once completed you will be asked if you wish to run the optimizer utility.

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