How do I switch to the LCR copy of a database?

A. If you need to switch to the LCR copy of an Exchange 2007 database and logs, make sure the Store is dismounted, then switch to the LCR via the command below, then mount the Store, which will now point to the LCR location.

Restore-StorageGroupCopy -Identity “First Storage Group” -ReplaceLocations

Here's a sample execution:

Restore-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "first storage group" -ReplaceLocations
Base name: e00
Log file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\E000000004B.log
Csv file: C:\lcr\sg1\IgnoredLogs\2hxlr2sh.vg4

Base name: e00
Log file: C:\lcr\sg1\E000000004B.log
Csv file: C:\lcr\sg1\IgnoredLogs\ga04zlyg.n0o

Integrity check passed for log file: C:\lcr\sg1\inspector\E00.log
WARNING: The Restore-StorageGroupCopy operation for storage group copy First Storage Group was successful, and production paths were updated. All logs were successfully copied.

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