How do I set a folder as available and not available offline?

A. To make a file or folder available offline, right-click the file or folder. Select Make Available Offline to start a wizard, and perform the following steps:

  1. Click Next to the welcome screen.
  2. Check the Automatically synchronize the Offline Files when I log on and log off my computer. (This option slows logon and logoff slightly.) Click Next.
  3. The program selects Enable reminders by default, which produces little reminder bubbles when you aren’t connected.
    Click here to view image
  4. Click Finish.
  5. If you select a folder that has subfolders, after you click Finish, the program asks you if you want the subfolders and content also available.
  6. A file copy operation will commence and will copy files from the network source to a local area to create the cached version.

To make a file or folder unavailable, right-click it and clear the Make Available Offline check box.

If you use a folder or file that isn’t currently available, when the share becomes available, right-click the folder or file and select Synchronize. Choosing this option synchronizes the content and makes the folder or file available online again.

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