How do I run the Exchange Optimizer?

A. Exchange ships with a utility that allows the program to gather information about the computer and make changes to the Exchange configuration to enhance performance. These performance enhancements are primarily gained by moving the files that make up Exchange to different physical disk drives.

  1. Start the Exchange Optimizer (either as part of the installation of Exchange or from the Exchange sub menu of Programs)
  2. Chose options for the server (see diagram below). You can always run this again at a later time if the configuration scaling changes.
  3. Disk analysis runs, click Next
  4. Recommended file moves displayed. Adjust or accept and click Next
  5. Select whether the optimizer should copy files automatically (by checking the "Move files automatically" box and click Next
  6. Services will then be restarted. Check the "Do not restart these services" if its not convenient. Click Finish
  7. Parameters will then be saved the were calculated by the optimizer, services stopped, files moved then services started again.

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