How do I perform unattended installations on machines with AGP graphics cards?

A. An update HAL.DLL is needed to support machines with AGP graphics cards and a PCI bridge. One such HAL is supplied with Service Pack 3 so you need to replace the standard HAL.DLL shipped with NT with the Service Pack 3 version.

  1. Create a share with the Windows NT installation files
  2. Rename the HAL.DLL file to HAL.OLD
  3. Copy HAL.DLL off of the Service Pack 3 (or above) CD into the directory
  4. Install as normal
  5. Install Service Pack 3 once installation is complete

Some Intel boards have a fault and a patch is available from Intel. Without this patch installed, a user will be able to get only hardware refresh-rate VGA with even a high-end graphics card. The hitch, however, is that the patch will only install on Service Pack 3 or later builds of NT.

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