How do I manage Microsoft Proxy Server?

A. Microsoft Proxy Server uses the Internet Service Manager (ISM) as its management interface. From the Start menu, select Programs, Proxy Server, and Internet Service Manager to manage Proxy Server. The following example shows you how to determine which clients are currently using the Web proxy service:

  1. Start the ISM.
  2. Double-click the computer name of the Proxy Server next to the Web proxy service.
  3. Select the Service tab.
  4. Click Current Sessions.
  5. From the list of connections, click the Refresh button to get an update. You can select a proxy service (e.g., Winsock, Socks) from this list.
  6. Click Close.

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You use the ISM to stop, start, pause, and continue the proxy services. If you select a running service, the Stop and Pause buttons become active and you can stop or pause the service.

Double-clicking the proxy services opens their dialog boxes from which you can choose options. You can also hide certain types of services from the display. In the window, I hid the FTP and Gopher services by not selecting their icons.

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