How do I install MSN under NT?

A. A. The new MSN 2.0 only runs under Windows 95, however a version for NT 4.0 is being developed. In the mean time it is possible to use MSN to connect to the Internet, however you cannot read Mail

  1. Phone Microsoft and request for a manual Internet PPP access to be setup.
  2. Assuming RAS is already installed, select Add New phonebook entry
  3. Type in a name for the phone book entry, e.g. "MSN connection"
  4. Clear the "I know about phone book entries" and click Next
  5. Check "I am calling the Internet" and click Next
  6. Click Finish
  7. Select your new "MSN" and click Edit from More
  8. Click the Server tab, and select TCP/IP, Enable PPP LCP, and clear NetBEUI and IPX
  9. Click the TCP/IP settings box and check "Server assigned IP addresses" and "Use default gateway"
  10. Click OK and exit back to the main dial screen
  11. Select MSN and click Dial
  12. When prompted for username/password enter
    Username : MSN/<user name>
    Password : <MSN password>
    Domain : <blank>

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