How do I install the Iomega Parallel Disk Drive?

A. Follow the steps below

  1. Before you do this, make sure your Parallel Zip drive is plugged in, and make sure you DO NOT have a ZIP disk in the drive.
  2. Go to Iomega's web site and download the software:
  3. Download the Windows NT Tools for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 version 1.5 iomgnt15.exe (3.3MB).
  4. Execute this program. It will decompress the files, and then start the SCSI control Panel Applet. Click the drivers tab and click Add. On the right hand side it will have various Iomega drivers and select the relevant one and click Add
  5. After restarting, your system should see the ZIP drive. You do not have to install the ZIP tools, you can use the drive without them. To install the tools anyway, run the setup program again.

When you start up your pc, make sure there is no ZIP disk in the drive- otherwise NT will run checkdisk on the drive, which can take an eternity.

If you do not have the ZIP drive attached when you boot up, you will get an error at bootup that a service did not start up.

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