How do I install hotfixes the same time as I install Service Pack 3 and above?

A. A. Update.exe that ships with Service Pack 3 checks for the existance of a hotfix subdirectory, and if in that directory the files hotfix.exe and hotfix.inf are present you are asked when running update.exe if you also want to install the hotfixes.

  1. Create a direrectory to hold the extracted Service Pack
    md servpack
  2. Extract the Service Pack
    nt4sp3_i /x
    You will be asked for a directory, enter the created directory, e.g. e:\servpack and click OK
  3. Create a hotfix subdirectory
    md hotfix
  4. Extract the hotfixes to this directory using the instructions in the previous FAQ
  5. Run UPDATE.EXE in the servpack directory and click Yes when asked to install Hotfixes

TAGS: Security
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