How do I install a duplicate Exchange server?

A. With the concepts of sites in Exchange, it is possible to install multiple Exchange services in a site which will replicate to one another. Duplicates servers in a site provide fault-tolerance and load balancing. To install a duplicate server in a site perform the following. Servers within a site don't have to be in the same domain but should be connected by a fast connection, 128KB is the normal definition of a fast link.

  1. Logon as an Administrator of the domain currently hosting the Exchange service. If you logon as an account that does not have administrative rights on the current Exchange server you will be unable to add a duplicate server.
  2. Run Exchange's setup.exe
  3. Click Accept to the license agreement
  4. Setup will search for the installed components (such as IIS and ASP)
  5. Select the installation type. Click Custom/Complete Select the options and click OK
  6. Enter the product code number (xxx - xxxxxxx) and click OK
  7. Click OK to the displayed Product-ID that is generated by the setup program
  8. Check the "I agree that" for the licensing and click OK
  9. Select "Join an existing site" and enter the name the name of a server in the site you wish to join, e.g. Mars and click OK
  10. You will be shown details of the Exchange server on that site, including ORG name and site. Click Yes
    Click here to view image
  11. The service account currently used for the original Exchange Server will be shown, just enter its password (if this is on its own domain you should create a new service account for fault tolerant reasons (i.e. main domain controller not available)). Click OK
  12. Files will then be copied, services installed, registry updated and then the relevant services will be started. Once the Directory Service has started replication will occur between the sites. Once complete the other Exchange services will start
  13. Click OK to the replication dialogue box.
  14. You can then proceed to run Optimizer optionally as normal

You now have a duplicate Exchange server in the specified site.

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