How do I install Dfs?

A. Follow the instructions below, you must have first downloaded and expanded the file dfs-v40-i386.exe:

  1. Right click on Network Neighborhood and select properties (or double click Network in the Control Panel)
  2. Click the services tab and click Add
  3. Click the "Have disk" button and when asked where enter %systemroot%/system32/dfs. Do not actually type %systemroot%, but rather what it points to, i.e. d:\winnt, so the full path would be d:\winnt\system32\dfs
  4. Click Enter and press OK for Dfs installation
  5. A dialog box will be shown, and click "New Share", and type the name of the required root, e.g. c:\dfsroot and click "Yes" to create the directory
  6. Select the "Shared As" and fill in required information and click OK
  7. Close the dialogs and reboot the machine

Windows 2000 does not require you to install Dfs, it is built into the operating system, all it requires is configuration.

TAGS: Windows 8
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