How do I install Citrix Metaframe?

A. Citrix Metaframe is an add-on to Windows NT Terminal Server and although there is currently no version for Windows 2000 it is under development. To install perform the following:

  1. Logon as an Administrator on the Terminal Server box
  2. Insert the Citrix Metaframe CD and click the "MetaFrame Setup" button (or run setup.exe from the I386 directory on the CD-ROM)
  3. Click Next to the install wizard dialog
  4. Click Next to the copy files dialog
  5. The license dialog will then be shown. Click the "Add License Packs" button to add the basic MetaFrame license. Enter the serial number on the back of the CD and click OK. Click No to install other license packs. Click Next to the main license dialog
  6. Click Next to the ICA connections protocol dialog (these are the protocols that clients may connect over).
  7. You may select to install TAPI modems for connection, to configure click Add Modems. A list of installed modems will be shown, select the modem and click Close. Click Next to the main TAPI dialog
  8. Next the ability to access local drives on the client are displayed. By default the servers drives will be the same on the client, e.g. C: is C:, and the client drives will be visible starting from V: working downwards, e.g. local C: would be V:, local D: would be U:. Click Next
  9. You have the option to remap server drives so that clients would see their local drives as C:, D: etc and the servers drives will be changed to M:, N: etc. I would advise against this unless you are very confident of what you are doing. Click Next.
    Click here to view image
  10. Finally the system will reboot. Click Finish

Once the machine has rebooted upon logon a new toolbar is added to your desktop which allows control of the MetaFrame environment.

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