How do I enable/disable printers to be listed in the Active Directory?

A. Active Directory allows printers to be listed in the Directory however its possible to control if printers can be listed or not for domains, OU's etc via a group policy setting:

  1. Start the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Active Directory Users and Computers)
  2. Right click on the domain and select Properties
  3. Select the Group Policy tab
  4. Select the 'Default Domain Policy' object and click Edit
  5. Expand Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Printers
  6. Double click 'Allow printers to be published'
  7. Select Enable or Disable and click Apply then OK
  8. Close the Group Policy and the MMC snap-in

If this is not set then by default users will be able to list printers in the Active Directory.

The policy 'Automatically publish new printers in Active Directory' if set or not configured will result in all shared printers being listed automatically. If set to disabled then printers are not automatically published

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