How do I enable outbound HTTP requests via ISA?

A. After installing ISA you will find you can no longer read in pages from a remote web site even after configuring the web client with the proxy details. This is because you require a filter to allow requests to port 80 (HTTP):

  1. Start the ISA Admin tool (Start - Programs - Microsoft ISA Server - ISA Administration Tool)
  2. Expand the Arrays, the specific array, Access Policy
  3. Select IP Packet Filters
  4. Right click New and select Filter
  5. Enter a filter name, e.g. HTTP and click Next
  6. Select if this filter will apply to just the local server or all in the array. Click Next
  7. The filter options are displayed
    - Allow packet transmission
    - Block packet transmission
    Select Allow and click Next
  8. Select the Custom filter type and click Next
  9. Now you must select the Filter details:
    - IP Protocol : TCP
    - Direction: Both
    - Local Port: Dynamic (1025-5000)
    - Remote Port: Fixed port, Port number 80
    Click here to view image
    Click Next
  10. Under the applicable section select 'Default external IP address' and click Next
  11. Select 'All remote hosts' for the remote computers and click Next
  12. Check the settings and click Finish

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