How do I enable ClearType on my Pocket PC 2002 device?

A. To enable ClearType systemwide on Pocket PC 2002 devices, tap Start, Settings; select the System tab on the Settings display; then tap the Screen icon. Select the Enable ClearType check box, tap OK, and press your device's reset switch. After the device resets, ClearType will be enabled in most applications.

You can also enable ClearType on PCs running Windows XP Professional. Open Display from the Control Panel, and click Effects on the Appearance tab. Select the "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" check box, and select ClearType from the drop-down list. Press OK, then Apply. On notebook PCs (or desktop systems that use LCD displays), the effect on text can be dramatic; on CRTs, it's generally not worth the trouble.

Having trouble getting your upgraded iPaq to use ClearType? Check out this other FAQ.

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