How do I drive in Excel 2000?

A. Yep, another easter egg but this one is even cooler than the Excel 97. If anyone remembers the old Spectrum Spy Hunter game then you will love this.

  1. Start Excel 2000
  2. From the File menu select 'Save as Web Page'
  3. Select 'Save: Selection: Sheet'
  4. Check the 'Add interactivity' box and click Save
    Click here to view image
  5. Close Excel
  6. Load the saved HTML in Internet Explorer
  7. Scroll to row 2000, column WC
  8. Select row 2000 (makes the whole line active) and click tab until WC is selected again
  9. Hold down Shift+Ctrl+Alt and click the Office logo in the upper-left
  10. If you have Direct-X the spy hunter game will start with all the coders names! If you don't have Direct X it won't work.
  11. Use arrow keys to steer, space to fire, O to drop oil and H for headlights, its very cool!

Heres the page.htm ( file if you fancy a shortcut!

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