How do I customize the appearance of a folder?

A. With Windows 2000's integration with the web any folder on your machine can be customized to have its own look, links, background and even has a neat wizard to help you do this which we will explore.

You need to ensure that web content for folders is enabled on your machine to be able to customize folders which is covered in the next FAQ.

To customize a folder using the wizard perform the following:

  1. Start Explorer
  2. Select the folder you wish to customize
  3. From the View menu select 'Customize This Folder...'
  4. Click Next to the wizard
  5. Select the options you wish to change for the folder
    - Custom HTML template
    - Select a background picture
    - Add a folder comment
    Click here to view image
    Click Next
  6. If you selected a custom HTML template a list of templates will be displayed
    - Standard
    - Classic
    - Simple
    - Image Preview
    You can also select to edit the HTML for the template and click Next
  7. The next option is to select a background, text colour. Click Next
  8. Enter a comment for the folder and click Next
  9. Click Finish

A new file destop.ini would be created with your settings in it and a folder 'Folder Settings' containing the background picture and also Folder.htt which is the HTML/Script used to display the folder content.

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