How do I create a unix-like hardlink on NTFS?

A. Hard links are pointers to files and are indistinguishable from the original directory entry. Any changes to a file are effective regardless of the name used to refer to the file (the original name or the link name). Hard links cannot span file systems or drives and are not currently supported within NFS mounts or from NTFS to the mount.

The Server Resource Kit Contains ln.exe in the POSIX subdir. ln.exe is _not_ listed in the "Alphabetical List of Utilities".

POSIX.wri contains some notes on it, but the "error" syntax is different than the syntax listed in POSIX.wri. POSIX.wri indicates an -s arg for symlinks too which seem to not work. Also contrary to POSIX.wri use backslash in paths.

Thanks to Jeff Absher for this information

TAGS: Windows 8
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