How do I create an Outlook vCard?

A. Microsoft Outlook supports the use of vCards, the Internet standard for creating and sharing virtual business cards. In Outlook, as well as other e-mail applications and personal information managers, you can save a contact as a vCard or save vCards sent in e-mail messages.

To create a vCard to be attached to all outgoing messages perform the following under Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000:

  1. Create a new contact in Contacts of what you want your expanded vCard to look like. Remember this will go to everyone you send mail to so don't include personal information such as home number, address unless you really want to!
  2. From the Tools menu select Options
  3. Select the 'Mail Format' tab
  4. Click the 'Signature Picker..' button
  5. Click New to create a new signature
  6. Enter a name for the signature and click Next
  7. Enter text to be displayed and click 'New vCard from Contact'
  8. Select the contact and click Add. Click OK
  9. Select the new vCard from the dropdown list and click OK
  10. Click OK to the Signature Picker
  11. Click OK to the main options dialog

All outgoing mail will now have your signature and vCard attached. (See also, "Outlook: Sending Multiple vCards" and "Outlook: Adding Notes to a Signature vCard").

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