How do I create a network share?

A. It is possible to create a share from the command prompt by typing:

net share <share name>=<drive>:<dir> /remark="<description>"
e.g. net share john=c:\data\johndrv /remark="Johns drive"

A share can also be created using Explorer:

  1. Start Explorer (Start - Programs - Windows NT Explorer)
  2. Right Click on a directory and select "sharing"
  3. Click the Sharing tab, and select "Shared as"
  4. Enter a description and click OK
  5. The directory will now have a hand on the directory

It is possible to add a $ to the end of the share so it will appear hidden, and not visible from a network browse.

See also, "How can I create a share on another machine over the network?" and "Letting Data Managers Create and Delete Shares."

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