How do I create an incoming connection in Windows 2000?

A. In Windows NT 4.0 you could configure connections to be dial-in/dial-out or both. In Windows 2000 you can also create incoming connection which allow people to dial into the machine via PSTN/ISDN and even parallel ports.

To configure an incoming connection perform the following:

  1. Select 'Make new connection' from Start - Settings - Network and dial-up connections
  2. Click Next to the wizard
  3. Select 'Accept incoming connections'
    Click here to view image
    Click Next
  4. Select the device which you wish to accept incoming connections on and click Next
  5. Select if you wish to allow Virtual Private Connections and click Next
  6. Select the users who will be able to dial into the connection and click Next
  7. Select the networking components to be enabled for the connection
    If you select TCP/IP select it and click Properties. You can then choose if the connector can talk to the local network and if the address is assigned by DHCP, one from a list or let the caller set their own address

    Click OK
  8. Click Next and give the connection a name and click Finish

To modify the connection in the future just select from Start - Settings - Network and Dial-up connections where you can modify the adapters users can connect on, users who can connect etc.

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