How do I convert NT Workstation to NT Server?

A. There are various discussions about the changing of 2 registry keys that turns a Workstation into Server, which in turn change a number of other keys, however this is against license agreements and should not be attempted.

Workstation can be upgraded to a Server, but it cannot become a PDC or BDC, to do this a fresh installation of NT server would be needed. To convert follow steps below

  1. Boot off of the NT Server installation disks (or make them with winnt(32) /ox)
  2. Press Enter to Setup NT
  3. Press Enter to Detect Hardware
  4. Press Enter to continue (or S if you have special drivers)
  5. Accept the license (Page Down then F8)
  6. NT install will detect the existence of workstation and ask if you want to upgrade. Press Enter
  7. It will prompt if you want to upgrade from Workstation to Server. Press Enter
  8. Continue as normal. All Workstation components (Network, print) will be converted to server
  9. When finished you will have NT Server and it will have kept all programs and groups.

If you have your NT Workstation upgraded with Service Packs, it is necessary to upgrade the server with the same service pack best performed by an unattended installation described in your FAQ. Otherwise you get a lot of unpredictable problems up to an core dump.

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