How do I configure Exchange Directory Replication?

A. Once you have connected sites by a connector, be it Exchange, X.400 or Dynamic RAS, no data will be replicated until you configure the directory replication. You must have defined connections between the sites before Directory Replication can be configured.

To configure Directory Replication perform the following:

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator Program (Start - Programs - Microsoft Exchange - Microsoft Exchange Administrator)
  2. Expand the tree and expand the site, e.g. Operations, select Configuration then select Directory Replication
  3. From the File menu select 'New Other' and select 'Directory Replication Connector'
  4. The first dialog allows you to select (from a dropdown) the remote site name (only sites that are connected via a connector will be shown). You should enter the name of an Exchange server in the selected site. You also should leave the defaults of "Configure both sites". Click OK
  5. The general tab of the Directory Replicator will be displayed. You may enter an Administrative note if you wish. You may click the Schedule tab to select how often Directory Replication takes place. Selecting Always means changes will be replicated as they happen, this is OK if you don't care about bandwidth usage. Click OK.

The Directory Replicator between the sites is now configured and can be modified by double clicking on the replicator as part of the Directory Replication folder.

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